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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Mythya?
Mythya is a free to play strategy game where players take on the role of powerful gods, commanding divine armies and forging realms in a mythical universe.
How do I recruit powerful gods in Mythya?
In Mythya, you can recruit powerful gods to your realm by unlocking them through various quests, challenges, and events. Each god possesses unique abilities and strengths to aid you in battles.
Are there different factions or gods to choose from in Mythya?
Yes, Mythya offers a diverse pantheon of gods, each with unique abilities and attributes. Players can choose from various factions, drawing from different mythologies, to forge their path to dominance.
What is the objective of the game?
he main objective in Mythya is to establish yourself as the dominant force in the celestial realm. Expand your territory, lead your armies to victory, and forge alliances to overcome formidable enemies.
Can I trade resources with other players in Mythya?
Yes, in Mythya's player-driven economy, you can trade resources, items, and digital collectibles with other players to bolster your realm's strength and prosperity.
How does research work in Mythya?
Research in Mythya allows you to unlock new technologies, spells, and divine abilities. By delving into scrolls and ancient knowledge, you can enhance your strategic capabilities in battles.
Can I play Mythya with my friends?
Yes, Mythya encourages cooperative gameplay. You can form alliances with other players, strategize together, and engage in cooperative quests and battles to achieve mutual goals.
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